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Astartes Primus - ''We are War!'' by BloodAngelsCaptain1 Astartes Primus - ''We are War!'' :iconbloodangelscaptain1:BloodAngelsCaptain1 9 3 Mama's Boy by BloodAngelsCaptain1 Mama's Boy :iconbloodangelscaptain1:BloodAngelsCaptain1 19 5 Team FENX by BloodAngelsCaptain1 Team FENX :iconbloodangelscaptain1:BloodAngelsCaptain1 24 11
Xander Dearg - RWBY OC

-Affiliation: Beacon Academy, Team FENX
-Age: 19
-Gender: Male
-Species: Human
-Hair: Black
-Eyes: Blue
-Aura: Earthen Red
-Clothing: Red sleeveless shirt and khaki pants. Also wears glasses with a built in HUD and analyzer. 
-Symbol: His glasses surrounded computer nodes
-Personality: Extremely intelligent, boisterous, friendly, self-proclaimed ladies man, extrovert.
-History: Out of Team FENX, Xander is the only one of them not from Vale. Xander was actually born in Vacuo to a family of successful computer software designers. Xander, being an only child, was constantly smothered with attention from his parents growing up. In addition to this, being around computers and other forms of technology all his life, Xander had grown a rather strong affinity for technology. By age 10, he was a skilled hacker, and could repair almost any piece of broken tech. If not for the discovery of his semblance, he most likely would have continued his
:iconbloodangelscaptain1:BloodAngelsCaptain1 9 5
Team ANGL - Assault on the Lotus Garden by BloodAngelsCaptain1 Team ANGL - Assault on the Lotus Garden :iconbloodangelscaptain1:BloodAngelsCaptain1 72 12
Narvik ''Vikki'' Akerman - RWBY OC

-Affiliation: Beacon Academy, Team FENX
-Age: 19
-Gender: Female
-Species: Human
-Hair: Brown.
-Eyes: Green
-Aura: Norse Green
-Clothing: Viking armor with Dust enhancements lining the interior. For casual, jeans and a tank top.
-Symbol: The Viking rune for Courage in Battle.
-Personality: Outgoing, slightly boisterous, fearless, encouraging, tomboyish, caring for others while keeping a strong front.
-History: Narvik "Vikki" Åkerman is a warrior through and through. Born in the northernmost part of Vale, Vikki is the oldest of five children, all of whom except her are boys. Her parents were both members of their home towns' defense force. Vikki was a tomboy growing up, as she saw herself as her little brothers' protector whenever their parents were not around. This task she gave herself became even more prevalent when at the age of eight, her father was killed in a Grimm attack. This, combined with her desire to help those
:iconbloodangelscaptain1:BloodAngelsCaptain1 16 13
Daddy's Girl by BloodAngelsCaptain1 Daddy's Girl :iconbloodangelscaptain1:BloodAngelsCaptain1 34 11
Eurwen Ignis - RWBY OC

-Affiliation: Beacon Academy, Team FENX
-Age: 19
-Gender: Female
-Species: Human
-Hair: Golden blonde.
-Eyes: Heterochromia (Right Eye: Light Blue. Left Eye: Dark Blue.)
-Aura: Pearl White
-Clothing: Pearl white combat gown with a yellow sash, a gold armlet, and a gold bracelet.
-Symbol: A healing hand.
-Personality: Polite, kind, generous, slightly germaphobic, passionate.
-History: Tall, elegant, beautiful, kind, loving, deadly. All of those are accurate describe Eurwen Ignis. Born to a wealthy family in the northern part of Vale, Eurwen is the middle child of three siblings (the other two are her brothers). Her mother served as a Huntress, while her father was a successful vehicle merchant. For as long as she can remember, Eurwen has always had an affinity for helping others. Especially the sick and hurt. So when it was discovered that her semblance could do exactly that, she was more than pleased. Growing up, she idolized her mother
:iconbloodangelscaptain1:BloodAngelsCaptain1 22 17
Bolt Fox - Lost in You/Sexual Healing by BloodAngelsCaptain1
Mature content
Bolt Fox - Lost in You/Sexual Healing :iconbloodangelscaptain1:BloodAngelsCaptain1 46 13
Farron Fireheart - RWBY OC

-Affiliation: Beacon Academy, Team FENX
-Age: 19
-Gender: Male
-Species: Human
-Hair: Dirty blond with brown highlights.
-Eyes: Orange
-Aura: Flame Orange
-Clothing: Flame retardant long-sleeve shirt and pants, breast plate, greaves and pauldrons.
-Symbol: A rising phoenix.
-Personality: Humble, friendly, mentor-like, strong sense of justice, loyal.
-History: Farron Fireheart is the leader of Team FENX and one of the top students at Beacon Academy. Born into a fairly wealthy Vale family, he is the oldest of four siblings. He is the first member of his family to become a Huntsman, and is seen as a prodigy among them. Having attended Signal during his primary school years, as well as winning the Vale Regional Tournament two years in a row, it was not much of a Surprise when he and his team won the Vytal Tournament during their sophomore year. In addition to being one of the top students, he is also a heartthrob among the female students, a
:iconbloodangelscaptain1:BloodAngelsCaptain1 11 12
RWBY Legends - Team ANGL Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Watercolor/First Day of the Semester

        The day following Initiation, George found himself waking up at 7:15am. Due to his years at Signal and waking up extra early for a little extra training, he had an internal clock that almost always seemed to wake him up at exactly 7:15am. The rare times this didn’t happen was usually after either an extremely late night of either practice or homework, or the times when Juliette visited him and they cuddled together.
         Sitting up and getting out of his bed, George looked around at his still sleeping team. The sun had not risen yet, but was about to, and there was enough of a glow from the horizon to illuminate the room well enough for him to see his friends.
         Before going to sleep the previous night, the members of Team ANGL had gone over their class
:iconbloodangelscaptain1:BloodAngelsCaptain1 4 4
Bolt Fox - Summer Time Fun by BloodAngelsCaptain1 Bolt Fox - Summer Time Fun :iconbloodangelscaptain1:BloodAngelsCaptain1 54 5
Prof. Chizuru Minamoto - RWBY OC

-Affiliation: Beacon Academy
-Age: 26
-Gender: Female
-Species: Human
-Hair: Black with milky pink highlights.
-Eyes: Green
-Aura: Milky Pink
-Clothing: Milky pink short kimono with crane decal, along with black thigh-high boots and black short shorts.
-Symbol: A flying crane.
-Personality: Friendly, bubbly, flirty, seems airheaded but is actually extremely intelligent and articulate.
-History: Chizuru was born and raised in the kingdom of Mistral. Growing up, she had always had a strong fascination with that of the Huntsmen and Huntresses of Remnant, and always aspired to be one of them. In addition to this, Chizuru has also always been fascinated with the topic of history. Being born into a rather wealthy family, she was able to gain access to the resources that helped her achieve her goal of becoming a Huntress. Chizuru was accepted into Beacon Academy where she eventually graduated in one of the top five students of her class. For fo
:iconbloodangelscaptain1:BloodAngelsCaptain1 16 11
Grimm Breed - Bloodgazer/Bloodwrack Medusa

Pronunciation: Blud-gaa-zur / Blud-rak Meh-dew-suh
Native Habitat: Caves. Anywhere it can find.
Aggression: Reclusive, but when stirred, becomes extremely aggressive.
Intelligence: Equal to that of a young human child.
Weakness: Lightning.
    - Very rare breed of Grimm. Rarely encountered outside of their caves.
    - Sharp, armor-piercing claw.
    - The serpentine body is strong enough to easily break bones if it wraps around its prey.
    - Very quick and agile.
    - Each of the serpent heads that adorn its head as well as its tail are highly venomous.
    - Powerful, piercing scream that can paralyze people with fear, and even stun those who are susceptible to sound.
    - Its gaze is the most horrifying aspect. If one makes direct eye contact with the Bloodgazer/Bloodwrack Medusa, their lifeblood "rebels"
:iconbloodangelscaptain1:BloodAngelsCaptain1 22 4
Welcome to the World/The Warmth from Those Eyes by BloodAngelsCaptain1 Welcome to the World/The Warmth from Those Eyes :iconbloodangelscaptain1:BloodAngelsCaptain1 46 16
Argemone ''Argie'' Kanela - RWBY OC

-Affiliation: The Blood Lotus
-Age: 23
-Gender: Male
-Species: Squirrel Faunas
-Hair: Reddish Brown
-Eyes: Reddish Brown
-Aura: Reddish Brown
-Clothing: Torn green hoodie, black denim pants, and lightweight metal armor.
-Symbol: A syringe with drugs.
-Personality: Varies on what drug he has recently taken. Off of it, he appears fairly normal by most standards, but also slightly jittery if you look hard enough.
-History: Argemone "Argie" Kanela is a squirrel Faunas mercenary. Born on the island nation of Menagerie, Argie grew up in a rough, but not crime ridden neighborhood. His parents were not unkind to him, but also never really supportive of him either. In fact, most of the time after he turned eight, as long as he wasn't breaking the law, they would let him do what ever he wanted. As a result of this though, Argie discovered his semblance, but not in a good way. When he was 15, a few of his friends convinced him to try a drug known a
:iconbloodangelscaptain1:BloodAngelsCaptain1 8 5


Here is the link to the page of my friend, Goldeneyes2.

She is a VERY talented writer, and a great person too :)
I urge you all to take a look at her works. Especially her Dragon's Dogma story, "Where Her Heart Used to Be" :)


Here is the link to artist Diyaru4500.

He is a great artist and a really cool guy. I Highly recommend checking out his gallery. :)

And if you are interested in commissions, he is open (I think). :)



This is a link to an artist known as ipheli. She is a great artist and such a nice, friendly person too. I would recommend paying her a visit and browse through her art. :)
Does anyone know of ways or are willing to share their own methods of getting motivated?


United States
Current Residence: USA

Favourite genre of music: Christian, country, power metal, rock, VERY little rap, and orchestra. Huge Skillet fan.
(I've grown quite fond of Fall Out Boy's newer stuff.)

Favourite style of art: Sci-fi, Anime/Manga, romance, and comic.

Favourite cartoon characters: Maj. Winters (Band of Brothers), Sun Wukong (RWBY), Pyrrha Nikos (RWBY), Coco Adel (RWBY), Nora Valkyrie (RWBY), Edd (Ed, Edd, n' Eddy)
(I do love pretty much all the characters in RWBY. Die hard Arkos shipper too.)

Personal Quote: God bless the USA!/By the Blood of Sanguinius!/For God and the Emperor!

Also, I am a big Warhammer fan and gamer, but I don't really like the canon storyline. BLOOD ANGELS!!!

RWBY Legends - Team ANGL next chapters. 

12 deviants said "Episode" chapters like the show.
2 deviants said Cut to two months later.
No deviants said Other.


Link to a friend and fellow Deviant, Snow-the-Wanderer. :)
She is a talented artist, and hands down one of the friendliest and sweetest people I've had the fortune to meet. :)
She is currently in the process of making her own video game from what I've heard too.
So please go drop by, give her a watch, and support her. ^_^



Here is the link to the profile of my friend and partner in crime :)

He is a great artist, and a hell of a nice guy too. I urge anyone who visits my page and/or reads the story to get check out his page. Because remember, the story wouldn't even exist without him. :)

And even if the story didn't exist, I would still urge you all to go check out his gallery.


Above is the link to a YouTube gamer that I recently had the privilege to meet (over YouTube and Xbox LIVE). He is also a friend of SageStrike2.
He is a really cool guy and his videos are really entertaining.
So please, go check out his channel, watch his videos, like, comment, and subscribe. You won't regret it. ^_^


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